2024 Plans

Haven't written a blog in a couple of months -- mainly focusing on our other outlets but there's no time like the present. If you don't know me, I'm the young lad sometimes seen in Hartford Denim clips or you've probably seen me behind the camera. My name's Keegan and for a couple of months now I've been the driving force behind the marketing activities of HARDENCO. 

Our purpose hasn't changed with the new year: We are still producing high-quality garments with the highest-quality materials. That means using Proximity Denims, Yoshiwa Mills, alongside a handful of other manufacturers to keep you all on your toes. We will be taking strides towards modern spins on classic silhouettes. Vibrant blue double-knees with "Rockette" stitching was the pilot for this campaign we've been on. 

We're never done creating and we'll never be done experimenting. Recently, you've seen us working on new flashers, new techniques and new branding. When things get stale, there's no better chance to create some buzz with new pieces. New 010's, new ripstop jackets, and some of the craziest custom orders in recent years have all been finished in the short month of January.

I urge you all to stay updated and look out in your emails for news and deals for our products.

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