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Vintage 16oz Unsanforized Cone Mills 003 Jeans

Vintage 16oz Unsanforized Cone Mills 003 Jeans

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While moving, we discovered a cache of our original 003's in the rare and coveted, 16oz Cone Mills' White Oak Plant Denim. These are perfect for those after a heavy-weight, iconic denim in our most requested fit. Dating back as early as 2012, these went unsold as skinny jeans were the fad. Fast-forward to today, they're finally receiving the appreciation and limelight they deserve. Featuring our original Connecticut shaped back patch and aged hardware, they truly tap into the roots of HARDENCO. 

Being unsanforized, they are expected to shrink approximately 2 inches. However, purchase your normal size because we have already accommodated for this expected shrink. 

After purchasing, please send an email with your order number regarding hemming.

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